Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is my book worth publishing?

The answer to that story at one time was, "Only if one of the large publishing houses think that it is worth publishing."

Now, the answer is varied. My answer is, it depends upon what you wish to achieve. Even my answer is subjective and only correct and honest for me.

It is worth publishing:

1. If you have an audience that will pay to read the book.

2. If you can use the book as a calling card in your consulting firm to bring more clients to your business.

3. If you have a story that some organization, person or business will buy in large quantities to use for their organization or business.

4. If you have a story that you want to produce as a book for posterity.

There are other very, valid reasons to publish a book. I've given several. I'll tell you about one of the books that I published early in my publishing life.

Ren Bernier came to me. He had written many articles about WWII jeeps. (must be lower-case to prevent copyright infringement of current Jeep manufacturer--working with authors and book you learn quite a bit)

Ren even had a website with photos and information. He attended rallies, exhibitions, drove his WWII jeep in parades and had been consulted by the Smithsonian about WWII jeeps.

He asked if I thought he could put his articles into a book. I answered, yes and I told him how to do it. Recently he reminded me that I had charged him for an hour of my time.

I told him to gather all the photos and articles into a 3-ring binder and put them in some form of order.

He went home did everything I told him to do and then called and said, "I think I need you to put this together." We did and the collaborative effort allowed him to gross over $24,000. He continues to sell that book--three and four a week.

Each of his text files required a little effort to clean up and most of his photo files required a little "photoshopping" to make them better.

Ren had his book and his audience is built in with the website that he already had.

On the opening page he states: Over 1,000 books sold to more that 26 countries.

That is actually pretty good. Most first time authors never make more than their $5,000 advance against royalties.

Next time I'll talk about another book and the steps to its publication.

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Nishikanta said...

Hey there...Just the kind of page I was looking for. I'm writing a blog of my experiences in medical school as a student.
I'm getting good feddback from people reading it and really hope to make it into a book at the end of it all.
If it's OK with you, would you mind if I send a chapter for you to look over and tell me if It's worth a shot.

Thanks a lot.