Saturday, February 26, 2011

About to Sprout

How To Fix a Leek…and Other Food from Your Farmers Market is coming back this spring to bookstores and farm stands with updated health and history facts, plus superbly simple recipes for processing farm fresh food. This friendly guide to local markets first appeared 20 years ago when everyone flocked to supermarkets for canned goods and packaged meat, but nowadays continual reports of deaths and hospitalizations from tainted or poisoned supplies way too big to trail has sent many searching for foolproof food to trust. So How To Fix a Leek… is back as a culinary compass pointing toward the world’s freshest, fairest food supply. It is a low tech GPS for the New England market season, paced to the time each fruit, vegetable, dairy product or meat is harvested. It answers the questions commonly and constantly posed to farmers: What is this? How long will you have it? How long will it last? And what do I do with it? After suggestions for that, the book provides step-by-step no worries recipes for tasty treats like spicy Moroccan onions, arroz con pollo, maple syrup muffins and kale-stuffed squash, all chosen for simplicity and sparkle, the two prized ingredients of farm fresh flavor—and great eating. The opening section, America’s Vital Growth industry, points to the urgent economic, environmental and national security reasons for farmers markets and lists historic ones that still have lustre.

FMI: Author Sandra Garson, or

Publisher Just Write Books, Nancy E. Randolph, proprietor, 207-729-3600,,