Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tom Seymour Talks Mushrooms & Wild Plants in Brunswick Sept. 30

Tom Seymour, author of Wild Plants of Maine: A Useful Guide, will speak Friday, September 30 at two venues about his many years of experience in collecting plants from local fields and forests and how to store and cook the wild produce. Seymour will be at Thornton Oaks, 25 Thornton Way, Brunswick, at 2 p.m. and at Shift, the sustainable home-goods and lifestyle store, 56 Maine St., Brunswick, at 5 p.m. Shift was formerly F.W. Horch.

In addition to a talk and question-and-answer time, Seymour will prepare and offer taste testing of freshly gathered wild plants at both Thornton Oaks and Shift.  

Copies of Wild Plants of Maine are on sale for $24.95 at Shift, Gulf of Maine Books or from Just Write Books, www.jstwrite.com or amazon.com. Copies of Seymour's Forager's Notebook, a hardcopy journal for the weekend hiker or woodland walker, are also available. The cost is $20.

Seymour is a columnist for The Maine Sportsman Magazine, Maine Food and Lifestyle and Fisherman's Voice. He has authored several books about hiking, fishing, and harvesting wild foods and leads nature walks in coastal Maine.

For more information contact Nancy E. Randolph at Just Write Books, 207-729-3600, jstwrite@jstwrite.com.