Sunday, October 28, 2012

10 Books to Buy and Read

Here are ten books, new and old, that deserve a first or second look. This selection shows the breadth of books published by Just Write Books. There’s something for everyone.

Wild Plants of Maine: A Useful Guide by Tom Seymour
Travel with Tom Seymour through the woods and shores of Maine and learn about the edible plants along the way. Not only does he share common food uses for greens found around you, but also some traditional home remedies (not all to be used!) for insect repellent and teas. Visitors and residents alike will find this book insightful and entertaining throughout the year.

Uncomplicating Management by Rick Dacri
Whatever your role in business, odds are you will have to deal with people, especially employees through the course of your work. This book is a must have for anyone who needs to understand their employees and how to motivate them to excel. Spend your energy on the employees who return your investment.

Phu Bai: A Vietnam War Story by Paul Betit
A mystery set in Phu Bai during the Vietnam War, this novel sets a murder investigation against the backdrop of the war. Kagnew Station is a sequel to this.

Coming Home: A Maine Mystery by Robert M. Chute
Get caught up in the lives of a small Maine town as a soldier returns home from war. When Jim Johnston returns home and discovers a body in the guest house, he feels compelled to follow the clues of a past romance and mob connections.

Lewis and the Lighthouse by Bill McKibben
Bill McKibben has written his first book about Lewis, a boy who lives on the coast of Maine near a lighthouse. Enjoy the tale of Lewis' exciting adventure as he races to save a ship one stormy night. With just enough suspense for young readers, this fun read-aloud book is illustrated with lively art by Robert Logan.

The House at Bunganuc Landing by Susan Drinker Moran
Houses can tell a story if you give them the chance. Skillfully weaving the tales of her time in the little house near Casco Bay with historical accounts, Susan Drinker Moran shares the joys and trials of living in a small community in Maine, past and present.

Frontier to Industrial City: Lewiston Town Politics 1768-1863 by Douglas I. Hodgkin
Lewiston, Maine, serves as an example of small riverside towns through its history, people and industry. Hodgkin presents the many facets of developing a town from schools to government to businesses in an easy-to-read format. Learn about the transformation of Lewiston from a small village to a thriving industrial town.

Wildness within Walking Distance by Robert M. Chute
Robert Chute brings his considerable powers of observation and narration to detail Maine’s natural and built landscape. Chute pays particular attention to the artifacts from European settlers that may obscure or eliminate traces of Native Americans. Although he might not have planned it as such, this book echoes an ancient paean to the land we call Maine.

Ride the Wind: Biologist and Pastor by Henry S. Bird
A thoughtfully written memoir, Ride the Wind incorporates personal stories of Henry Bird’s life intertwined with major world events. His constant drive to assist those in need can be traced to his early love of rowing and the support he received from coaches and teachers. The stories are entertaining and a great way to read a firsthand impression of historical events.

Come Together Right Now: Organizing Stories from a Fading Empire by Bruce Gagnon
A collection of writings from Bruce Gagnon, a peace activist working to keep space free for peace, Come Together Right Now shares his transformation.

This is just a sampling of the books available from Just Write Books. What is your favorite?

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