Sunday, October 21, 2012

10 Reasons to Make a Book Your Business Card

If you’re looking for a new way to market your business and have your name recognized by a wider audience, consider writing and publishing a book. A book can serve several functions within your overall marketing strategy:
  1. Be recognized as an expert. Having a book with your name on it automatically establishes you as an expert in your field. As such, you are able to charge higher fees to existing and new clients.
  2. Be invited to speak publicly. Organizations are more likely to ask authors to speak at their events. Conferences can provide lucrative opportunities for credentialed speakers. Not a speaker? Check out our earlier blog with helpful tips.
  3. Be a consultant. Books will attract attention from big organizations. Consider giving a copy of your book with any consulting services you perform.
  4. Be a coach. Use your book to share your theories and practices about your field. When a reader finds something they connect with, they are more likely to want to work with you in person.
  5. Be in the news. Issue press releases about the publication of your book to local, regional and national media outlets. The buzz generated by any air time or column space you get will expand your audience for potential customers. Need tips on a press release? See this blog post.
  6. Be a philanthropist. Donate your book or sell in bulk to non-profit organizations to use for their fundraising efforts. By having your book in gift bags or sold to raise funds, not only are you helping a good cause, you’ve increased your audience again.
  7. Be a borrower. Use your book in part or wholly in other formats to reach different audiences. Create an audiobook, design an e-course or write blog posts.
  8. Be a guest writer. Connect with other compatible writers and swap blog posts.
  9. Be an educator. Many continuing education providers require published works of their instructors. You may also find adjunct professor positions at local colleges and universities are open to you as a published author.
  10. Be a workshop leader. Similar to public speaking, these collaborative events not only allow you to share your knowledge verbally and reach a large audience, but offer a venue for selling your book.
As you can see, there are many ways you can use a book as a calling card for new business. Have other ideas? Share them in comments below.

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