Monday, November 12, 2012

Thankful to live and work in Maine

Although we're not quite to Thanksgiving; I thought I would tell others why I'm so happy to live in Maine. First I thought I'd share something I wrote as an answer to a post in Linkedin when the original post was condemning Maine as a place to do business.

I answered that I love Maine and have chosen to live here since 1985 (several months forays away notwithstanding). So the person, who was upset with his life in Maine, volleyed back, "what is Maine's greatest asset?" My answer:

"The people.  People are always what make a place.  (I am a transplant of 27 years. Other than Maine I've lived in Iceland, Japan, the South Pacific, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Ohio, Indiana and Florida.) 

Look for the following types of people (these are just a sampling of those I appreciate):
  • The people who have preserved lands. 
  • The fishermen who bring in the seafood that we eat.
  • The farmers that sell at the market so that I don't have to grow my own veggies.
  • The poets who write about Maine.
  • The authors that write about Maine. (I'm a publisher after all)
  •  Contract workers who prepare artwork, provide editing or other value added services to my business.
  •  Interns who willing get paid very little to learn about publishing and help me keep cost down.
  • The cleaning person who takes care of our house so that although I have a home office, I can focus on my work. 
  •  The friends who are there to support me when I feel discouraged.
My daughter, living in Florida, reminds me that these people are everywhere.  

In Maine, the population is small enough that when we meet these people, we wave and say, "Hi." We might know them better owing to our small town atmosphere.

Nancy E. Randolph, Publisher

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