Sunday, December 9, 2012

10 Steps to Prepare for a Radio Interview

You’ve been asked to be on a radio show. Whether it’s a call-in talk show or simply an interview. Here are some tips to make the experience rewarding and productive.
  • Do your research. It may seem pretty basic, but know your material. Anticipate questions that the radio host or listeners may ask. Part of this is knowing the radio station, radio show and its market before you go on the air. This way, your answers and discussion can be directed to your audience most effectively.
  • Prepare your equipment. If you will be a call-in interviewee, make sure you don’t use a cell phone or a phone with call waiting.
  • Wear a headset. If you’re in the studio and you’re offered a headset, wear it.
  • Have a conversation. Whether you’re talking to the show host or a call-in listener, make it sound as though you are having a friendly conversation in a living room.
  • Take notes. When someone calls in, make note of their name. As conversations take place, take notes to come back to as you keep talking.
  • Be aware. You may not always be told that you’re on the air, so assume the microphone is “hot” at all times and speak accordingly.
  • Keep water nearby. With all the talking, your throat may get dry. Use it generously, but only during breaks.
  • Get comfortable. Make sure you’re in a comfortable chair.
  • Smile. Keep a smile on your face. It will carry through your voice.
  • Stay focused. If you are asked two questions at once, pick which once to answer first and then proceed.
If it happens that your segment gets bumped for whatever reason, be polite and reschedule. Come back to this list to prepare for the next time.

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