Sunday, January 27, 2013

10 Things to Check before Sending an Email

Writing an email, while small in size, is no less important than an article, book or story you write. An email is your introduction, a request and a means to maintain connections in a busy world. Whether business or personal, below are a few things you should check before hitting the send button.
Is it clear? Read your message aloud and make sure it makes sense.
Is there a purpose? Why are you writing this communication? Make sure it apparent.
Is there action? What needs to be done and is there a due date?
Is there supporting evidence? Have you included everything that the recipient needs?
What’s the subject? Does the subject clearly and succinctly describe what the email is about? If you are responding to someone’s email, please write your own subject line or modify the one that came in on the original message.  It makes it easier to find information later.
Is the content correct? Make sure the email is well-written and clear. Make sure the information the recipient needs in included.
Is it functional? Check all the links that you include and make sure they work properly. Attach any supporting documents you reference in the email.
Is it going to the correct people? Make sure the people who need to be copied are included. Don’t copy too many people either. Just consider if one person hits “reply all.”
Is each person’s role clear? All of the people who are included should have some type of action to take as a result of the email. If they don’t have a role, maybe they don’t need to be copied.
Has it been edited? Make sure you’ve checked the spelling, grammar and punctuation. You don’t want your recipients to be distracted by poor spelling or a misunderstanding.
Following these steps may help each of your email do what you want them to do.

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