Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 Very Basic Steps for Social Media

You’ve decided to take on the social media world. With Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the many other options available, it may be confusing to decide which networks to participate in and how to make the most of them. Below are some of the basic guidelines to help you get started.
  1. Have a plan. This may seem pretty obvious, but it’s best to start out with a strategy for your social networking endeavors. Why are you creating a presence on the different social media platforms? Then begin with a Blog, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter at a minimum.
  2. Be consistent. Create a generic profile that includes all the information you want to convey about your business or organization. Put this into a document. You can then cut and paste this information into the appropriate spots on each social media platform.
  3. Collect corresponding resources. Find a professional, well-lit photo to include. Have your resume/CV available to reference while creating your profiles. Find a photo or group of photos that you can create a collage and make a cover photo for your blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.
  4. Set up a blog. There are dozens of free blog hosting sites. Check out the following blog post if you care. I use Google’s Blogger platform.  It works for me. I don’t suggest that you work too hard to decide where. Pick a blog host and begin.
  5. Make a schedule. Decide when you’re going to post and be consistent. Start off once a month and then increase to once a week when you’re able. Plan ahead and schedule posts for several months at a time.
  6. Set up a Facebook profile or page. Set up a profile for you and a page for your book, your business or organization. Make sure to create a cover photo that represents your page.
  7. Set up a Twitter profile. Follow other tweeters. Check to make sure they are not spambots. When you look at a person's tweets, you can usually tell if they are posted by a person or a machine.
  8. Set up a Linkedin profile. Expand your network starting with people you already know and do business with. Join groups and participate. Make a comment. If you have found a post particularly helpful—comment. Only make positive posts.  There are thousands who will be negative.  It is not worth your time.  Follow Dale Carnegie’s advice, “Don’t criticize, condemn or complain.”
  9. Set up a Twitterfeed account. This will allow you to post once to your blog and simultaneously (almost) post to your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  10. Don’t oversell. When posting to your profiles, keep your ratio of posts seven to one information to promotion. You don’t want to annoy the people who are following you. Keep your content rich, useful and intriguing.
Follow the above steps and make sure you maintain activity on the pages that is reasonable for you and your business.


Alice Bean Andrenyak, Master Maine Guide said...

Great information. When you start a blog keep it going. I believe that once a month is better than many posts in the beginning only to stop for weeks or months.

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