Sunday, February 24, 2013

10 Ways to Get the Media’s Attention

Whether you’re trying to sell a book or promote an event, it always helps to have coverage from some media outlet—newspaper, TV or radio. This blog will cover some of the ways that you can ensure your event, issues or book gets the attention it needs from the media.

Update your contacts. Make sure you have a media contacts list and keep it updated. This will insure that when you send information to the media outlets it is sent to the proper person.

Inform the media. Regularly send your mainstream media contacts updates about your activities and issues. While it may not yield immediate results, they will know who to come to if they need expert commentators.

Use good designs. When creating signs and advertising for your event. Use color and text sizes that are appropriate for you audience. Road signs need to be readable by people moving at 35 mph. Hire an artist or designer to help you come up with a cohesive and attractive design.

Post the word. Come up with a poster hanging route that highlights the areas you want get the word out. Know the locations that you can hang pieces on community boards and other spots without problems.

Use familiar days. Find ways to pair your events with regular holidays and events that people remember easily. Tax Day is a great day to protest regarding how the tax dollars are spent. Heart month is a perfect time to do fundraisers for heart disease. Since the media is already doing stories about a related subject, it will be easier to get coverage for your event.

Write letters to the editor. Have a group prepared to write letters to the editor to your local papers. Have others prepared to write in response to the original posting to continue the coverage.

Create your own media. If the mainstream news outlets don’t cover your story, check with the local broadcast stations and papers. Develop your own email newsletter to keep your contacts informed. Make sure they can easily share your notices to their network.

Pick your people. When participating in an event, make sure that you have a person or two selected in advance to be your media contacts. When the reporters arrive, point them in the proper direction.

Control the message. When you do have media coverage, make sure your message is upbeat, succinct and focused on what you want to convey. Have one or two key points prepared for moments when a reporter asks you questions.

Always have a backup. If you can’t get the media coverage you desire, make sure you have alternate options to get the word out.

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