Sunday, March 17, 2013

Benefits to Buying a Title from Just Write Books

Why should you buy a book from Just Write Books? 
Here are just a few of the benefits.
Discover Maine friends. The authors are all people who either come from Maine or those who make Maine their home. Get to know the characters and their idiosyncrasies through tales true and created.
Discover Maine places. When you read a non-fiction title by Just Write Books, you are introduced to many places in Maine, whether remote or populated. As important as the people, the places of Maine help tell the story of the state.
Build Maine Community. Maine is a unique state, as are the people that comprise its population. By connecting with the authors and the individuals they write about, you will learn about the ties that bind the Maine community together and perhaps build your own as a result.
Learn Maine Stories. As you read a book published by Just Write Books, you may discover something about Maine you never knew. Whether, it is history or current events or fiction, the stories are as unique as Maine itself.
Be a Part of a Maine Story. Once you’ve discovered Maine people and places you may determine that you want to explore them yourself. Make Maine a part of your life story. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next Just Write Books author.

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