Monday, April 8, 2013

10 Steps to Prepare for a TV or Video Interview

You’ve landed a TV or video interview. Great! Let’s talk about getting the most out of this opportunity. That means being prepared. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure the experience is both rewarding and enjoyable.
Watch the show. Catch several episodes of the program you’re appearing on to get a sense of the camera work, questions and its general feel..
It’s visual. Unlike with radio, when you have video interview, you need to be concerned about your appearance. Sit up straight. Your face matters to the audience. Use makeup to conceal certain features and accent others.
Sleep well. Getting a good night’s sleep with prevent your eyes from being bloodshot and keep those pesky bags away.
Dress the part. Make sure your clothes don’t distract from your message and convey the proper message. In general, dark colors are best and avoid white if possible. Make sure your outfit has a convenient location to pin a microphone.
Project confidence. Make sure you sit or stand up straight. However, do sit naturally to avoid looking rigid and uncomfortable.
Use non-verbal techniques. Keep track of your important points on fingers and talk naturally with your hands.
Mind the camera. Be careful of blinking too much or darting your eyes… close-ups will exaggerate these movements. Do not look at the camera when answering an interviewer’s question. Maintain the appearance of a conversation. The audience is observing.
Balance your approach. If you need to be firm or even aggressive with someone you’re talking to, be sure to balance any negative perceptions with a smile.
Use props. If you have visuals that will support or clarify your position, be sure to include them.
Pay attention to the host. Watch the host’s body language for cues when transitions are coming.

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