Sunday, July 14, 2013

10 More Keys to Better Book Signings

Here are some additional ideas for improving your book signing events.
1. Connect with your Alma Mater. Check with the book store at your university about holding a book signing. This event can be great for both parties involved. Not only are you able to promote your book, the bookstore can advertise what their alumni are working on. Think about timing it with big sports games, if they are important to your school. You can always sign during “homecoming.”
2. Stay upbeat. If you’re engaging and entertaining, your guests are more likely to stop, hear what you have to say and, even, buy your book.
3. Brand your table. Come up with something related to your book that also speaks to you. Find a way to coordinate pens, papers, etc so everything ties back to that concept.
4. Stop in before the signing. Visit the location a few days before to scope out the location you’ll be set up. If you’re near a bigger name author’s book that’s similar, let customers know that “If you like X book, you’ll love mine because…”
5. Allow questions. If the format allows, let everyone know that you will be taking questions after the signing. Have friends in the audience prepped with questions if necessary.
6. Set up a raffle. Have something small to raffle off—how about a autographed copy of the book.  Use this as an opportunity to collect people’s information for your newsletter. Make sure you have a box for them to check to sign up for your newsletter.
7. Draw them in with chocolate. Most people will stop by and grab a piece of candy, so have a plate set up on the table. The catch? You must engage the visitors when they stop by. Ask them questions, draw their attention to your reviews or even put your book in their hand.
8. Know what to say. Have your thirty-second pitch ready for anyone who stops by so you can draw their attention to your book.
9. Bring your friends. Friends are good as long as you don’t talk to them too much and ignore your audience. Also, make sure they’re dressed appropriately. If you have t-shirts made related to your book, have them wear them. It looks good to have a crowd there to support you.
10. Know why. How you organize your table and event at the location where you are holding your book signing will largely depend on why you are doing it. Note: if you really want to focus on sales, stock up! People are more likely to buy if they can take it home.

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