Sunday, July 7, 2013

10 Questions Authors Ask... Answered

Oftentimes we receive calls at Just Write Books from authors who have questions on a variety of subjects. We've answered a lot of them in previous blog posts, so here's one blog post with the top ten questions and where to find their answers.
1. How do start writing? We’ve outlined some steps that will help you get your book on paper here.
2. Is my book worth publishing? Check out this blog post from September 2012 for some help determining the value of what you’ve written.
3. What are my options for publishing my book? Traditional publishing is still an option, but also take a look at the other options available in the 21st century in this blog.
4. Will you publish my book? See this blog for our submission guidelines before sending anything about your book.
5. How do I sell my book? See some suggestions for how to get your book into readers’ hands in this blog post.
6. How do I prepare for a book signing event? A great way to connect with your readers is to have a book signing. Check out this blog for how to prepare for one.
7. I’ve been asked to speak at an event. What do I do? Read here for our tips to be prepared for a speaking engagement.
8. How can I get media attention for my book? Read about our recommendations for getting help from the media to get the word out about your book.
9. How do prepare for a TV or radio interview? While some of these preparations are the same, each media does have some specific needs. Read about TV interviews here and radio interviews here.
10. How do I get on Facebook, Twitter or write a blog? Learn about some very basic steps to get involved in social media.

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Elke Feuer said...

Thanks for all these great tips! They came at the perfect time! Happy Monday!