Sunday, August 25, 2013

10 Steps to Writing an Amazon Book Review

Once you or a friend has a book on Amazon, one thing that helps people make the decision to purchase it is the reviews. Not all reviews will be the same, but here are some steps to make sure that you include key information.
1. Review the correct book. Guess what? There are a lot of books with the same title, so check the author to ensure you are reviewing correct book. You may even want to make sure you are reviewing the correct edition if there are multiples.
2. Log into your account. You have to be logged into your own Amazon account in order to write a review. This helps Amazon make sure their reviews are legitimate.
3. Don’t summarize the plot. Most Amazon books already have a synopsis of the storyline. No need to reiterate this information in your review.
4. Keep it concise. Most people when reading reviews on Amazon, won’t read lengthy reviews so keep yours to under 250 words.
5. Keep it positive. While there are poorly written books out there, if you’re trying to help a friend, make sure to focus on the positive aspects of the book you’re reviewing.
6. Discuss the writing style. Was it written as a first person narrative or third person? How does the author tell the story or make the point they are driving at?
7. State your opinion. In the end, a book review is your view of the book. It’s okay to be subjective about the content and writing style.
8. Save it locally. Write your review and save it in your word processing software first. This lets you edit the file and check spelling before uploading it.
9. Write a catchy title. If nothing else, this will state your opinion and get people to read the rest of your review. Remember, you’re competing with a lot of internet traffic.
10. Comment on the additional book matter. Check the index, any maps and illustrations. Do they add to the story?

Nancy E. Randolph operates Just Write Books, a publishing business with the tag line: Maine books by Maine authors telling Maine stories. Randolph quickly developed a reputation as a publisher of quality Maine books. An active community member along with two others she founded and serves as a member of the board of Save Our Swinging Bridge.Org to ensure the maintenance of the historic Roebling designed and built bridge connecting Topsham and Brunswick. She co-chairs with Cathy Lamb the Androscoggin Brunswick-Topsham Riverwalk project--building a 2K walking/biking intown loop. To contact her directly:

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Elke Feuer said...

Great tips, Nancy! This is just want I needed.

I can write a novel, but I have a challenge doing reviews. Go figure.

Thanks again for the tips, Nancy!