Sunday, September 15, 2013

10 Book-Related Things You Can Have Done for $5

If there are aspects of your book that you struggle with, it might be worth checking out a website called Using one of these services can take a roadblock out of your way when writing and finishing your book.
1. Design your book cover. If you have an idea for a book cover that you want, but don’t have the artistic ability to make it real, find one of the artists who will make a cover for you for $5. Make sure you search for an artist whose previous work you like. A word of caution though, if you are going the traditional publishing route, your cover may not be used for your book if the publisher has other ideas.
2. Proofread your book. Whether it’s by word or page count, there is someone who will professionally proofread your book. This is simply grammar and spelling checks. They will not check your plot and consistency throughout the book.
3. Create a 30-second commercial. Have someone create a 30-second commercial or review of your book. People find reviews ad testimonials from people they can see more trustworthy than written reviews.
4. Write a book review. If you need additional reviews on your Amazon listing or as a blog post, you can find someone to write one for you.
5. Create a book trailer. Like a movie trailer, a book trailer can incite interest in your book. Post it on your blog or have your friends do it. It’s a quick and graphic way to describe your book to viewers.
6. Write a press release. If you need to announce your book release or a book release party, have someone write the press release to make sure it gets included in the local media.
7. Create a flyer. If you need some type of flyer for a book release party or book signing, find someone with work that you like to make it for you.
8. Title your book. If the title of your book has you stumped, have someone else come up with a creative name for you.
9. Transcribe your book. If you write by dictating your story, you can hire someone to transcribe it into the written word for you. People will do varying amounts of time for $5.
10. Send press release to Google News. This will get your press release into a wider audience and be indexed for online searching.
As with any of these services, check the ratings of the service providers and look at the examples of work, if appropriate, to decide if their work is good for your project. Luckily, with a $5 investment, you won’t lose much if it doesn’t work out.

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