Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Revision of Tom Seymour's Wild Plants of Maine in the final stages of birth

Wild Plants of Maine will be available
in softcover and hardback.  A color
app for mobile phones will be
available for holiday purchases.
I'm finalizing the latest revision of Tom Seymour's Wild Plants of Maine.  I have already incorporated Tom's additions and changes to the manuscript. What does finalizing the book mean?

At the minimum I must:
1. Assign a new ISBN for each version: softcover, hardcover (new with this revision) and the color ebook.
2. Check out the copyright page and ensure its accuracy for this title's edition.
3. Create new barcodes.
4. update the review blurb on the back of the book or place a new section inside the book to include any reviews.
5. Create a list of all books written by Tom to place on a page inside the book.
6. Create a new cover design--see the cover to the right.
7. Coordinate with Tom and create a page inside the book that lets folks know about his wild plant and wild mushroom walks and presentations. 

There are so many things to do even when the revision is adding only 12 new plants. 

Let me know how you like the cover.


Anonymous said...

The cover is ideal for the subject matter, Nancy, (many a "green thumb" will immediately be drawn to it). And it sounds like after they've actually picked Tom's book up, you'll have lots inside the cover to keep them turning pages. Best wishes with the overall finished product.

Erin Callaway said...

Hi there --

When is the revised version coming out? I just ordered a copy of the first version not realizing a revision was in the works.

Regardless, I'm really excited to receive my copy!