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10 Great Just Write Books to Give as Christmas Gifts

Here are ten books, new and old, that make excellent gifts for the readers on your shopping list. This selection shows the breadth of books published by Just Write Books. There’s something for everyone.

Wild Plants of Maine: A Useful Guide by Tom Seymour
In this edition of Wild Plants of Maine, Tom Seymour has added several new wild plants, more mushrooms and  some exciting new recipes to the bountiful harvest that Tom Seymour leads us to discover in Maine. From insect repellent to table fare to a relaxing wintergreen tea, Seymour identifies the source and describes the method of preparing wild plant concoctions and foods. Any person living in or visiting Maine should have Wild Plants of Maine to ensure the enjoyment of our great Maine outdoors. From the shore to the forest and from the first green of spring to the snowiest winter day, join the “best guide of all” as Seymour enjoys Maine “wilds.”

A Daughter of Francis Martin by Virginia Chute
This historical novel is deftly written keeping to historical facts and filling in with an imagination and a sharp pen that allows us to follow Virginia Chute on her travels back in time.

I'm Just a Kid You Know by Norma K. Salway
Teachers and parents will enjoy "sitting in the classroom with Norma Salway." Salway tells tales from school-familiar to most veteran teachers. New teachers will enjoy and learn from the stories, parents will gain an understanding of their children's school experience and others will sense and appreciate the school atmosphere in the 21st century. Salway brings her three decades of teaching to her stories. 

Islands of Time by Barbara Kent Lawrence
At fourteen, Rebecca Granger falls in love with Ben Bunker. A summer girl is not allowed to love a year-round boy, son of a fisherman in Downeast Maine in 1958. Yet, she does. When her father dies—overpowered by loss and anger—she commits a sin, terrible at the time. That sin nearly destroys Rebecca. She hides in fantasies until as an adult, returning to Maine she struggles to come to terms with that past. Islands of Time is a moving story of loss, pain and growth, but also of unexpected forgiveness and love that celebrates the people and places of Downeast Maine.

Man in the Canal by Paul Betit (forthcoming)
In the summer of 1971, Army CID investigator John Murphy goes undercover to find a murderer hiding among the U.S. military deserters who have taken refuge in Sweden during the Vietnam War.  At the same time, Swedish police inspector Magnus Lund tries to learn the identity of a body found floating in the historic Göta Canal. The two investigators work independently until the thread of clues bring them together for an exciting climax.

Coming Home: A Maine Mystery by Robert M. Chute
Get caught up in the lives of a small Maine town as a soldier returns home from war. When Jim Johnston returns home and discovers a body in the guest house, he feels compelled to follow the clues of a past romance and mob connections.

Lewis and the Lighthouse by Bill McKibben
Bill McKibben has written his first book about Lewis, a boy who lives on the coast of Maine near a lighthouse. Enjoy the tale of Lewis' exciting adventure as he races to save a ship one stormy night. With just enough suspense for young readers, this fun read-aloud book is illustrated with lively art by Robert Logan.

Maney the Moose by Roland Wallace
Maney is a Maine moose with a sneezing problem. Maney finds friends who are tolerant of his problem and find a way to help him. The black and white drawings are sure to fascinate both children and adult readers.

Lovewell's Town by Robert Williams
Visit Lovell, Maine and travel in time through the years! Dr. Robert C. Williams has retired to Lovell, Maine, and taken the opportunity to use his educational background combined with his love of history and finely honed writing skills to produce this first professional history of the town of Lovell. Read this book and follow the settlement from the survey of the Merrimack River in 1652 through the famous battle at Pequawket in 1725 to the current struggle between the forces of development and preservation. Williams haunted local archives, as well as state archive collections of Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire to produce this comprehensive history of Lovell, Maine. The writing is enlivened by current and historical photos and illustrations. For the historical researcher Williams has added a very thorough index.

Food Fix: Ancient Nourishment for Modern Hungers by Susan Lebel Young
Have you tried dozens of diets and still find yourself craving junk food, fatty treats and low-value foods? Do you plan each night to do better with your food tomorrow and feel you failed again? Do you fill your shelves and your body with foods that have little or no nutritional value? Do you expend all this effort and still starve for something more? If these questions resonate with you or someone your love; this book will help. It is not a diet book. It is a book of skill building. Susan Lebel Young offers a series of stories about her life, lessons she has learned. Then she shares with you what she calls Antidotes to Food Frenzy. Susan walks you through exercises—starting small with a minimal investment of time, increasing your work as you raise your level of success.

This is just a sampling of the books available from Just Write Books. What is your favorite?

Nancy E. Randolph operates Just Write Books, a publishing business with the tag line: Maine books by Maine authors telling Maine stories. Randolph quickly developed a reputation as a publisher of quality Maine books. An active community member along with two others she founded and serves as a member of the board of Save Our Swinging Bridge.Org to ensure the maintenance of the historic Roebling designed and built bridge connecting Topsham and Brunswick. She co-chairs with Cathy Lamb the Androscoggin Brunswick-Topsham Riverwalk project--building a 2K walking/biking intown loop. To contact her directly:

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