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Calendar helps publicize events through social media.

  Sometimes posting events to social media sites is a chore and very time consuming. At Just Write Books, we've found a way to make this easier for our Maine authors publishing Maine books.

  The answer is to use Tockify. Tockify is a calendar or event list publishing service. It makes it easy for you to create an attractive calendar for our author and book events. Tockify calendars can be added to websites or alone on the desktop or via a mobile optimized website. 
Just Write Books Event Listing using Tockify
  Right now let's use the calendar (see the screen shot above) on Just Write Books website to illustrate how easy it is to post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin. 

  You can easily email the event details with a few clicks of the button or place the direct link in a post or email that you are writing.

  Next you can easily add the items to a calendar—either Google, ICal, Outlook, Windows Live Yahoo or other internet calendar.

  Let's begin by looking at an event already set up in Tockify. I'll use Tom Seymour's March event.

  Click on the listing—the image or the title works to click through. 

The event information in Tockify

  When the event is opened you are able to see the details (see screen shot above). 

  You will note that we put all the information from a press release into the body of the event. Remember who, what, when, where, how. Make certain that you have the exact address of the event venue. The exact and correct address is important because when you click on the map, Tockify links to Google maps and allows your audience to use a map or get directions to your event.

  You fan has printed out directions and now they want to invite a friend to go with them. Beside the date and time of the event is a small button labeled, "Save or Share."

  Clicking on the Save or Share button opens up a window with many options. 

Clicking on the Save or Share button opens this window

  First your visitor sees "Save to your calendar." She can add the event to her calendar. There are six button options. I use Google calendar, so it's the first button for me and the event is a two-click process to add to my calendar. Most other calendars are just as easy. 

  The next row of buttons allows your fan to share with others by tweeting the event, sharing it on Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin. 

   Next (back to that friend that your fan wants to invite to your event), She just clicks on the envelope icon and Tockify opens the default email program on the fan's computer/tablet/phone with the event info in the body of the email with a link to full details. 
Clicking the envelope icon opens the default email program 

  She enters a few words of invitation and hits the send button. 

   The last line in the window offers a link to the web address of the calendar listing and allow anyone to copy that link into an email, a social media post, or a website.

  Each of these steps can be used by the author to publicize their own events. 

  An author can use Tockify to help them publicize events on social media. They can post their book signings and author talks on Facebook and other social media. Send emails to friends and family and others to let them know about the events. They can easily add the event to their own calendar once it is set up on Tockify. 

  At Just Write Books, we've made it even easier for author to use social media when inviting people to book signings and author talks.

  If you have found this helpful, please let us know. We are attempting to share useful information for authors, poets and others. 

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