Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Ten Things You Can Have Done for $5

We recently did a blog about a website called where you are able to procure the services of individuals at a rate of $5. Below are another ten services we found may be helpful for authors and writers.
Custom header for Just Write Books
Cu 1. Create a custom blog header. As a regular blog writer, it's important to maintain your branding. If you don't have the skills to create an appropriate header, you can have someone do it for you.

2. Have someone create a video testimonial. Usually, you'll have to write the script, but having a professional-looking video testimonial can be advantageous. People are more likely to believe and trust someone they can see.
3. Write an elevator speech. Several providers will either help you write your elevator speech or write it for you. This is a 30-second "commercial" that you can say to someone to engage their attention in your book, business or organization.
Key words for Just Write Books
4. SEO keyword research. Search Engine Optimization helps identify the content of webpages and present the information according to a searcher's parameters. If you want to ensure that more traffic reaches your book's website, this is a good service to employ.
5. Get a website. Just Write Books really believes that every book should have its own website in order to maintain a presence on the website. If this is not within your skill set, there are many people who will create one it for you.
6. Translate your work. If you feel that your work has a market in another language, it may be worth having someone translate it for you. Check the amount of words they translate for $5 and read the reviews before selecting your service provider.
7. Professional Bio. Whether it’s for the back cover of your book or for other marketing materials, it helps to have a biography on hand. If you don’t feel comfortable writing it, send a Fiverr service provider all the necessary information and they will write one for you.
Example of a Facebook cover image
8. Create a custom Facebook cover image. As you publish new books or want to highlight older ones for a specific event, it’s good to keep your social media up to date with your publishing life. Someone can even create one for events you may be participating in.

9. Hire a virtual assistant. If you’ve become so busy that is necessary to outsource some of the more mundane tasks, check for services that are available. There are individuals who will complete data entry, research and more.
10. Book review or testimonial. If you haven’t had much luck finding newspapers and other media outlets to review your book, you can find someone who will provide a review for you.
If you have a chance to browse through the services on Fiverr, what would you have done for your $5?

Nancy E. Randolph operates Just Write Bookspublishing Maine books by Maine authors telling Maine stories. Randolph quickly developed a reputation as a publisher of quality Maine books. An active community member along with two others she founded and serves as a member of the board of Save Our Swinging Bridge.Org to ensure the maintenance of the historic Roebling designed and built bridge connecting Topsham and Brunswick. She co-chairs with Cathy Lamb the Androscoggin Brunswick-Topsham Riverwalk projectbuilding a 2K walking/biking intown loop. To contact her directly:

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